Student-centered & community-engaged higher education. 

Creating the administrative conditions that support scalable excellence and integration of students' hands-on learning, faculty innovation, and community engagement.




I am a collaborative, mission-driven higher education leader. My experience and leadership style emphasize teamwork, continuous improvement, and empowering each member of the team to fulfill their potential in advancing each part of the institutional mission. Assessment of ongoing progress toward individual and collective goals is a vital part of achieving institutional success and workplace joy. 

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2001, Ph.D. Anthropology 

  • University of New Hampshire, 1995, B.A. Anthropology


Throughout my two-decade career as a university administrator, faculty member, and consultant, I have helped to provide student-centered learning environments with rich opportunities for experiential learning, supported faculty innovation, teaching excellence, and community engagement. 

Building on these themes over the past three years with Pemi River Consulting and as a subcontractor to other firms, I have served dozens of universities, colleges, and schools across the United States and the Middle East.

  • Strategic planning & assessment

  • Process improvement 

  • Partnership facilitation

  • High-impact learning for student success

  • Pedagogical innovation

  • Community-economic development

  • Research administration



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