“My crown is called content,
a crown that seldom kings enjoy”

William Shakespare

Local Democracy Under Siege

Activism, Public Interests, and Private Politics

Migration studies have focused attention on ethnic institutions in global and gateway cities. This ethnic lens distorts migration scholarship, reinforces methodological nationalism, and disregards the role of city scale in shaping migrant pathways of settlement and transnational connection. The scale of cities reflects their positioning within neoliberal processes of local, national, regional, and global rescaling. To encourage further explorations of non-ethnic pathways....Read more

Looking beyond broad theories of globalization, this volume examines the specific effects of globalizing forces on the southern United States. Eighteen essays approach globalization from a variety of perspectives, addressing such topics as relations between global and local communities; immigration, particularly of Latinos and Asians; local industry in a time of globalization; power and confrontation between rural and urban worlds; race, ethnicity, and organizing for social justice; and the assimilation of foreign-born professionals....Read more

In this article we argue that while new kinds of political activism are flourishing in local areas, increasing partnership with economic development interest poses serious challenges to the political efficacy of environmental activism.....Read more

Suggests that the 1980s neoliberal renaissance marketized education, with negative social consequences. Examines the emergence and promotion of a national-level discourse that positioned schools in the service of the economy. Ethnographic research shows how local growth elite utilized this discourse to further their own race and class interests, thus excluding poorer African American parents and students...Read more

A documentary film about the creation of America’s national forests is competing at the New Hampshire Film Festival in Portsmouth Oct. 17-20. “The People’s Forest: The Story of the White Mountain National Forest,” was produced by David Huntley of Moore-Huntley productions, and focuses on the mix of man-made disasters, colorful characters, citizen activism and political courage...Read more here... and here

The destruction of forests in New Hampshire’s White Mountains in the late 1800s sparked a nationwide movement to protect and manage America’s threatened forestlands for the public good.  Leading the way was a unique partnership of concerned citizens, business, industry and civic groups that believed conservation could benefit both the environment and economy....Read more

The Balancing Act Film

A film by David Huntley

Once the capital of paper production, Berlin, New Hampshire was home to an ethnically diverse community. At it's center, was Brown Pulp and Paper Company, one of the most successful pulp and paper companies in the early twentieth century. The company's research and development buildings were at the forefront of technological advancement in the pulp and paper industry and claimed over 700 patents...Read more

The use of new information technologies is one aspect of the broad changes in American higher education that have altered the conduct of research, publication, education, and interaction with diverse constituencies. Facing economic challenges, universities have sought more economical ways to deliver their services, new opportunities to diversify funding streams, innovative marketing opportunities to bolster their public image, and strategic collaboration to leverage resources among multiple partners....Read more

The Community Road map to Renewable Woody Biomass Energy: A Step-by-Step Decision Making Tool for New Hampshire Communities was commissioned by the North Country Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) Area Council and its partners, Plymouth State University...Read more


Dr. Maria Sanders

Archived audio for radio interview here.


"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous"

Bill Moyers

The “Piscataqua Oral History Project: Becoming American/Maintaining Identity” involved training local students whose families were recent immigrants to the seacoast area to conduct oral histories concerning their experiences. We worked with local English as a Second Language teachers in Portsmouth and Rochester to identify students participants. The students’ countries of origin included Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, and Taiwan. Thad Guldbrandsen acquired equipment for the interviews....Read more

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