June 3, 2020

Dear Colleagues & Clients,

Black lives matter. As a university administrator and consultant, it's worth making this statement clearly. 

Colleges and universities are about transformation. 

Students come to our institutions to transform themselves, become better thinkers and communicators, prepare for careers and life changes, become stronger members of a community, parents, and friends. 

Research and scholarly work transforms the way we understand our world, solve problems, improve our economy, invent products and ideas that make our lives better.

The arts, literature, performance invite us to see ourselves and our world differently, opening new understandings.

Athletics and other public programs bring us together, celebrate human achievement, and elevate us. 

Improving communities, promoting social justice, and helping us to strive to become our best selves is not a "political agenda" or something we do "on the side." These are the threads woven through the mission of higher education. Critique of social problems and calling attention to the things we need to do better is part of that. That includes naming, understanding, and intervening on racial injustice. 

I want all my colleagues and clients to know that this conviction informs every aspect of my work. #blacklivesmatter #highereducation

Thank you for your collaboration.

Thaddeus Guldbrandsen

Pemi River Consulting, LLC